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Why Boy Scouting Won’t Earn you a ‘Relationship’ Patch

Alright Girl Scouts, I have sat idly by listening to people tout the merits of “boy scouting” for long enough. For those of you who are new to the realm of dating stalker-style, “boy scouting” is a method of attempting to snag dates by getting all dolled up and then going places where the type […]

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This is the guest blog that I wrote for Keys to Attraction (which FYI is an awesome site that I highly recommend you check out). It’s basically a reality check for all of those self-proclaimed pick-up artists out there 😉 Enjoy!

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GUEST BLOG: The Male Perspective on Why He Hasn’t Called

It’s a story as old as time…you meet a great guy, have a “perfect” first date, and then you never hear from him again. Some girls spend weeks waiting by the phone and agonizing over what possibly could have caused him to forget their 90 minutes of awesomeness. I however, simply don’t have that sort […]

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The Physics of Getting Physical

Dear K., One of my guy friends always cracks jokes about us hooking up. Sometimes I just laugh it off and he drops it, but other times he keeps hinting until I have to politely decline. I really like this guy as a friend and I don’t want to push him away, but it’s starting […]

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Why I Broke-up with OKCupid

Unfortunately, I cannot take credit for this awesome picture. It was posted online by a very talented 12 year-old. So, girlsdrool99, whoever you are, I thank you. I have found there to be two main criteria that must be met before considering someone a dating prospect: the first is chemistry and the second is compatibility. […]

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I’m a Very Inspiring Blogger Award Winner!

What an honor, truly! It is surprising good to know that beneath my dry wit and crude humor, there may be an inspiring message hiding in my blog. I assure you this was not my intent, but it is certainly a happy accident nonetheless. 1. Thank you so much Karmic Diva for the nomination! It is such […]

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Officially Legit: I won the Versatile Blogger Award!

If you had told me two weeks ago when I started this blog that I would be sitting here today as a Versatile Blogger Award Winner, I would have said…”A what?” But in all seriousness, I am really honored. In accordance with the terms of accepting the award I must.. 1. Extend my deepest thanks […]

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Online Dating: The Male Demographic

My extensive online-dating research (i.e. my continual failure to find anyone with boyfriend-potential online) has lead me to reach some interesting conclusions regarding the type of men that you will be most likely to find on these sites. Let’s break it down, shall we? The “Psych!”: As in, “based on my pictures you thought I was […]

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Ode to Monday

  At 6 a.m. it begins with an incessant beep-beep-beep I fumble clumsily for the alarm, eyes still closed because I didn’t get enough sleep I could have gone to bed early; I always say that I will But as the final moments of my weekend slip away, I desperately cling to the thrill How […]

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The Asshole Awards

Today’s goal was to write a post about the horrors of online dating. However, when I signed into my free online dating account and started trolling through some of my suggested matches, inspiration took me in another direction and I decided to let the assholes speak for themselves. I have decided to simply cut and paste […]

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